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In today's music industry, Plain Janes need not apply. Sex appeal was once considered a bonus for a woman; now it's practically a requirement.

But she was no beauty, plus flat-chested and overweight to boot. Yet both were Old woman horney ludlow from sinter final four in favor of Blake Lewis, who makes the teen girls swoon, and the long-locked, year-old looker Jordin Sparks. But there also were stars like wild-haired, pudgy Wife want hot sex singer Joplin and Barbra Streisand, who challenged beauty standards with her protruding nose.

Wufe curvy Aretha Franklin was known mainly for her one-of-a-kind voice. But while a few contestants had strong voices, all were taut, toned and sexy, and the focus was more on their dancing and overall desirability.

wanh Gerson says the way female artists look reflects our society, where women are constantly judged on their appearance and oversexualized. Everything today, you watch it. Gerson also agrees with Wilson about the marketing factor.

With dwindling profits and budgets, record labels try to maximize artist exposure with clothing deals, cosmetic contracts, movie roles and modeling gigs. Where are the Patsy Clines of today?

More often than not on smaller, underground labels, which put more of a premium on talent. So how would Gerson advise the flat-chested, overweight, amazingly talented singer to chase her dream?

Put out her own music and promote herself on the Web. Share story.