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Bianca Williams had just turned 13 when her mother kicked her out of the house.

With nowhere to go and no one to support her, Williams turned to exotic dancing, working clubs and private shows to provide for. She said no one seemed to care.

Looking milwaukee teen sex Wants Sexy Dating

Williams Looking milwaukee teen sex to get out, and she wanted to help other girls and family members get out. So, at 21, she founded A Cry for Help Foundationwhich provides girls with the resources and support to escape the world of yeen and sex trafficking; Feb. Williams was the featured speaker at a recent youth art exhibit focused on human trafficking.

They include how perpetrators prey on young people, how human trafficking turns people into objects for profit, how difficult it can be for victims to leave and that not only girls are at risk. The Feb. State Sen.

Sez to a Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service reportMilwaukee children were trafficked, or suspected of being trafficked, in and youth in Milwaukee who are homeless, have run away or received emergency support services are at risk for sex trafficking.

Brown said he Looking milwaukee teen sex people to know that young people need support. Providing resources, support and looking out for each other is also important, they said.

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Share this Chanda Harris absorbs a piece that shows how the world of sex trafficking is intertwined with drugs and violence. Harris called esx exhibit "deep" and "informative.

Attendees talk Looking milwaukee teen sex a painting that shows women and children being exchanged for money. Bianca Williams, a former exotic dancer and Lookijg of A Cry for Help Foundation, which helps girls escape from trafficking, spoke at the event.

Ayanna Martin right explains one of the paintings as an attendee and Quaveion Brown middle look on.

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Attendees examine a piece titled "The Two Roads," which shows a victim's internal conversation. This piece, titled "Puppetmaster," portrays how perpetrators of sex trafficking manipulate their victims. An attendee far right and student artist discuss solutions to Looking milwaukee teen sex trafficking at the event.

Cathy right and Jim Lathrop examine a piece titled "Right Outside Our Door," which illustrates how human trafficking can occur anywhere, in plain sight. Your neighborhood.

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