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Women might have male DNA in their body — here's why - Insider

Burrowd in summera website made a shocking claim that women could permanently retain the DNA of male sexual partners. The story went viral, spurring a string of panic-stoking copycat posts across the internet.

The articles all referenced a "new study" that found evidence of male DNA inside the brains of Ladies looking real sex burrows up to 94 years old.

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The study, published inwasn't new — but it was real, lending the idea at least an air of legitimacy. The various articles all came to the same conclusion: That wayward sperm must be at least one reason for the presence of Ladies looking real sex burrows DNA in women's bodies.

You can never get rid of it. The only problem is that this claim isn't true. Here's what you need to know.

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Moms and their babies can trade cells during pregnancy. They tested burrowd from the brains of Ladies looking real sex burrows deceased older women, searching for Y chromosomes, which are only present in males.

In the s, scientists first discovered that, during pregnancy, a woman and a fetus can trade a small number of cells.

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In some cases, these swapped cells can be detected decades later in both mothers and offspring, Nelson, who's recognized as a microchimerism expert, explained. There's no reason to think you'll absorb DNA from your sex partners.

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That viral news story also noted that women who don't have sons can have male DNA in their bodies. That's true.

That's a far cry from some outlets confidently claiming that women absorb DNA from " every man they have sex with ," as one headline read. Besides, the idea that sperm can burrow inside you and hang out for decades doesn't jibe with the fact that sperm dies after about five days inside the reproductive tract.

And Ladies looking real sex burrows sex was really a cause of male microchimerism, Nelson and feal team would have probably detected male DNA in more of the women they Flirt orlando in Most importantly, there are a handful of more plausible and actually-studied reasons that women without sons can harbor male cells.

You could get male DNA if you have a twin brother.

Nelson said that male DNA can occur in women who had a pregnancy loss or an unrecognized pregnancy. Previous research shows that some miscarriages happen very early, before women even realize they're pregnant.

And some women pick up male DNA while they're sharing their mother's womb with a male twin. I think most of us [in the field] believe that probably occurs, but lookin very commonly.

These days, Ladies looking real sex burrows lab is investigating ways this DNA mixing could actually benefit health. One exciting theory is that fetal cells might help mothers' bodies detect and destroy cancer more quickly.

But for now, the bottom line is clear: That viral scare story about retaining sexual partners' DNA makes sweeping claims that Discreet fun meersburg aren't supported by research.

Caroline Praderio.

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Snapchat icon A ghost. Ina "news" story went viral after claiming that women absorb and retain DNA from male sexual partners.

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But it can xex happen to women without sons. It's possible they pick up male DNA while still in their mother's wombs, via a male twin or an older brother.