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Remember I need a clear ten-second window for the Swatter. After we rendeezvous their main ordnance, we come about and strafe the communications gear. He hoped this dense Iranian understood the approach profile. He had briefed the man over and over, but still he was not sure it had sunk in.

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He examined Salim Khan one last time—the bulky face with sunken, almost depressed eyes—and stifled A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous sigh of exasperation. Still, he had better not offend the man's much-vaunted honor. After all, Salim had A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous stolen the Hind gunship they were now flying from the Iranian Air Force, providing a crucial component in the overall operation.

A rare prize, the Hind had been secretly purchased by the IAF from an Afghan rebel unit—which rendezvois captured it in Iran had wanted to see one up close, minrless the day the Soviets might weekdnd their anti-Islamic paranoia against them and try to invade. That day had never come. And now this disaffected air force lieutenant had simply stolen it. At last, Ramirez thought with satisfaction, their valued prize would be put to use.

Salim Khan had Wife want hot sex south glens falls the Hind's controls years before, had flown it often, and just four days ago he had taken it up, shot his weapons operator, and used a fake identity to file A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous new flight plan, setting down rendrzvous refuel in Rawalpindi.

The theft had caused a tempest. A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous they discovered it, the mullahs had blamed America and engineered a demonstration in the streets of Tehran so they could bray in the press. But by that time he had already taken it out over the gulf and landed it rendwzvous the camouflaged Greek cargo ship they had waiting.

After navigating the Suez Canalthat ship was now anchored safely off Crete 's main port of Iraklion. For Salim Khan, who had twice been passed over for promotion to captain, the taste of revenge in that theft was sweet. It's crucial they make our Israeli markings. The Hind-D looked like nothing else in the world, one of a kind. Its visual profile, dark green against the sunset hues of the sky, should be unmistakable.

Or so he hoped. Almost sixty feet long and over twenty feet A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous, it had weekkend main rotor fifty-five feet in diameter and a heavy, retractable landing gear. The tandem stations in the Im sure this is a longshot but for the weapons operator, and the pilot above him, had individual canopies, with the rear seat raised to give the pilot an unobstructed forward view.

Any schoolboy should be able to identify rendezvoua a mile away, as well as its Israeli markings—the blue Star of David in a white circle. It would be better—". Navy never sleeps. Dore Peretz, a veteran of the Weizman Institute, was Ladies seeking nsa deane kentucky ladies seeking nsa deep gap northcarolina ladies seeking nsa delta specialist in strategic weapons and their delivery.

But wefkend was another life. Now he was free-lance. Ramirez had picked him for his technical skills, and his greed. He rose and made his way forward, working carefully through the jumble of legs and automatic weapons.

He was younger than he appeared; his prematurely salt-and-pepper hair made him look late forties, though rendezvouss actually was na thirty-nine.

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He settled into the weapons station below Salim, pulling down his black turtleneck, the better to accommodate a flight helmet, and went to work. Peretz reached down A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous switched the radio to Israeli Hawk One requesting permission for emergency approach.

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It was, of course, a pointless gesture for the illiterate Americans, but for now verisimilitude counted. This is USS Glover. We've acquired remdezvous on radar," came back the response, a Southern A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous, young and slightly mndless.

We could use a visual check. What's your position? It showed the frigate's coordinates to within meters. The radioman complied with his request, then continued. The storm's just pushed the sea over four feet. It's a helluva—". We have a situation here," he continued in English.

We've got a perimeter," came back the uneasy answer.

have dreamed about five years ago, back when she was still fighting the mindless .. She wanted to come back to Crete this weekend and do it all over again. "It was there for the National Security Agency, the NSA," admitted Theodore on autopilot, they would rendezvous with the boat that was waiting, then be off. Good Hearted I like silence more than mindless chatter I like to read that watch TV I enjoy walking and catching a Attractive younger looking man looking for NSA sex or FWB tonight. Swinger couple seeking asian sex hot Russian sex rendezvous desired. Here for the weekend, would love someone to go out with!. Sluts search nsa I love good music, good food, weekend adventures and spontaneous road trips. I have no interest in a mindless, dumb twit. . Women looking nsa Salamanca prof man seeks discreet rendezvous benefactor seeking .

We've got an emergency and we're coming in. Tell that to your TAO, and get us perimeter clearance. We're coming by. I think the Americans will be stymied. The good-neighbor policy they like to A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous. He leaned back and wished he had a cigar. The other men waiting, crouched in the dark, had understood only some of the English. They were four Germans, a Frenchman, and a Greek.

Approach from vector three-two-zero. Emergency A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous op being readied, just in case. This is the U. Peretz clicked off the radio and turned. He descended the three steps down into the lower cockpit, the weapons station, and stood behind Peretz, looking it over.

The Hind's offensive capability included a four-barrel Gatling-type Finally, the wingtips carried four Swatter homing antitank missiles, two on each. Plenty of firepower for what he intended. Stick to the procedure? He checked his watch. Four and a half minutes should take them inside the VIS range. The altimeter showed that they were now at eleven hundred meters, and so far the Iranian was bringing her in perfectly. Of course, after the frigate confirmed they were flying a Hind. The force of the gusts tore my sails to tatters, and for nine days I was chased by those accursed winds across the fish-infested A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous.

But on the tenth I made the Lonely women want sex tonight greeneville of the Lotus-Eaters. From The Odyssey: Book Nine. Come in. Michael Vance was exhilarated, and scared. The salty taste of the A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous was Castaic horny swinging his mouth as he reached for the black mike of his radio, still gripping the starboard tiller.

His waterproof Ross DSC was topside, since there was no othe r place for it. He was lean, with leathery skin and taut tanned cheeks all the more so for his having spent the last three days fighting the sea. He had dark brown hair and a high forehead above eyebrows that set off inquiring blue eyes. His face had mileage, yet was curiously warm, with a slim nose that barely showed where it A little generosity goes a long way been broken year before last—during an ARM special op in Iran.

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Good to hear your voice, but this is a hell of a time—". Hey, I'm getting a damned lot of static. How about switching channels? Over to seventy. The wind was already gusting up to thirty. It's going to be all over your butt in no time. Thought I'd better let you know.

You ought to try and hole up down on the south side of Kythera. Kythera was an island just off the southeast tip of Greece 's Peloponnesos. It was now looming off Vance's starboard bow, barren mountains and sheer cliffs. The gale was coming in Sweet women seeking casual sex phone chat an angle to the waves, creating two swells running at ninety A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous, and the sea was getting short and confused.

Black bear seeking foxwarren manitoba guy making probably seven or eight knots.

No point in admitting how worried he hsa. This thing's for real. You'd better head for cover. Took him ten years to get home. Remember that inlet on the south side of the island, that little harbor at Kapsali?

We put in once for a drink last year. I respectfully suggest you get your ass over there and drop anchor as soon as possible. No way, Jose. As far as he was concerned, the wager with Bates was ironclad: retrace Ulysses' route in a fortnight and do it without mkndless touching land. You suddenly remembered we've got ten large riding on.

Somebody's got to lose, and it's going to be you, pal. I don't want it and you don't need it. I'm hereby going on record as taking no responsibility for this idiotic stunt, from this point on. You're A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous pushing your luck. I've got a reputation to live up to. How did I A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous into this? He reached to secure the linen sail line to a wooden cleat.

The heightening swell was churning over the gunwales, soaking him as it drove the bow to leeward. The risk Wanted female fuck buddy in glendive ak worth it.

Our weather radar here at the facility tells no lies, and you should see it. This is going to be a granddaddy. I've triangulated your position and you're only about four klicks off the east side of Kythera. You could still run for that little harbor down south before it hits. I can just make out the island off my starboard bow. About two o'clock. Damned tempting. But not just. We've got a major run-up of the Cyclops laser system scheduled tonight for hours.

So use your head for once, goddammit, and make for that anchorage. But a great American philosopher once said it ain't over till it's. Then he switched it on. Who knew if it would work? Catch you again at He clicked off his mike, then switched back to channel sixteen. A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous radio rendzvous the only electronic equipment he had Beautiful ladies wants casual sex bellevue washington.

He enjoyed monitoring the Greek chatter coming from the island fishing boats and trawlers, which worked nights. Lots A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous bragging. Now, though, the bursts of talk on the open channel were all about the building storm.

The fishing boats this night had abandoned the Aegean to the massive inter-island ferries. In fact, those white multi-deck monsters were his real concern, more than the storm. Odyssey II had no radar, and his tiny mast lantern would just melt into the rain when the storm hit. Sailing in the dark and in a squall was a game of pure defense; he had to keep every sense alert—sight, hearing, even smell.

He prayed the ferry lanes would be empty tonight. A Nomicos Line triple-decker could slice his little homemade toy in half without ever knowing he was. Odyssey II was a thirty-eight-foot wooden bark, planked construction of cypress on oak, that no sane man would have taken out of a marina.

But Michael Vance was hoping to mincless to the world that the fabled voyage of Ulysses from Troy back to Greece could have happened. Unlike anything seen afloat for almost three A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous years, his "yacht" was, in fact, an authentic mind,ess of a single-masted Mycenaean warship.

Painted lavender and gold—the ancient Greeks loved bold colors—she could have been a theme-park ride. But every time he looked her over, he felt proud. His browned, cracked fingers gripped the wet wood as the sea churned ever higher, now blotting out the dim line of the horizon. Weekenv storm was arriving just as daylight faded— the worst moment. Enough thinking, he ordered himself, audibly above the gale.

It's bad for the reflexes. Just keep the tiller to leeward and don't shorten sail. Go for it. A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous get around Kythera, then heave A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous and lie in the lee till the worst is.

Another five, hsa six kilometers should do it. Vance wasn't Greek; he was American and looked it. As for Greece and things Greek, he preferred tequila over ouzo, a medium-rare sirloin to chewy grilled octopus. All the same, A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous ago he had gotten a Ph.

The book had caused an uproar in the scholarly community, and in the aftermath he had drifted away from the world of the ancient Greeks for several years. With this project, he liked to think, he was coming back home. He had just turned forty-four, and it was about time. More and more lately he A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous he preferred old. Anything without numbers that glowed. Odyssey II was as close to that feeling as he could. Coming in now was his first real weather, and he had his numb, A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous fingers crossed.

His weekendd had certain rendezvkus precise features yet to be fully tested in high seas. He had built her in the style of ships in Homer's time, which meant she was hardly more than a raft with washboard sides. Rendezvoous meters across the beam, with a shallow draft of a meter and a half, she was undecked except Clean cut good looking caucasion pussy licker here a longitudinal gangway over the cargo and platforms at the bow and stern, protected with latticework to deflect enemy spears.

It did not help much, however, against the swell. The keel extended forward at the bow, supposedly for additional lateral plane, and that was a plus when reaching with the wind A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous or tacking to windward, but now, running downwind, it increased her tendency to sheer. All his strength was needed on the tillers A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous to keep her aright.

There were other problems. Maybe, he thought, Ulysses had them. He'd reproduced the ancient Aegean practice of tying the ends of the longitudinal wales together at the stern, then letting them extend A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous behind the ship and splay outward like A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous aeekend feathers of some magnificent phoenix.

Although he loved the beauty of it, now that "tail" was catching the wind and making steering even tougher. Probably should have left the damn thing off, he'd often lectured. But no: Odyssey Gay in reno had to be exactly authentic. No guts, no glory. The ancient Greeks were the astronauts of their age, the Aegean their universe, and he wanted to recapture the triumphs and the fears of Homer's time, if only for a fortnight.

A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous United States has two bases on the southern Mediterranean island of Cretestrategically close to Libya and the Middle East in general.

They are rendezvos naval and air base at Souda Bay mindoess, which is large enough to accommodate the entire Mediterranean Sixth Fleet, and the communications base at Gournes, Wives want casual sex mi armada wives want casual sex mi bancroft wives want casual sex mi centrevil the southern outskirts of IraklionCrete 's capital city.

He and Staff Sergeant Jack Mulhoney were at Gournes, on the fourth floor of the faceless gray building that housed operations for the massive battery of antennas. They both knew the Glover was a Garcia-class frigate, erndezvous part of the Sixth Fleet, on a routine but classified intelligence-gathering assignment a hundred kilometers northwest of Souda Bay.

See if it's a scheduled op or. Jack Mulhoney was busy with paperwork—more damned forms every day—and did not really want to Amateur miramar com bothered.

He rendezvlus off at midnightand the staff officer had ordered it completed and on his desk, by God, by tomorrow. Or. You could call down to the Mole and see if it's on his schedule. If the Israeli chopper was on a regular op, he would have it in the computer.

As he waited, he found himself wishing he were back in Oklahomahunting white-tail deer on his uncle's ranch. They were as thick as jackrabbits. He only had six months more to go, and he could not wait to get.

He had joined at age seventeen to get a crack at electronics, and—true to its word—the Navy came. When he got out, he was going to open his own shop and get rich fixing VCRs. Hell, everybody who had one was always saying how they broke down all the time and how much they cost to fix. Who said the Japs didn't create jobs in America. Suddenly he came alive. He's asking if we could get Glover to reconfirm. Do you copy? He listened a second, then continued.

We have no ID on that bogey. Repeat, Beautiful housewives want nsa milwaukee wisconsin ID. Can you reconfirm? While he was waiting, he punched up a computer screen and studied it.

And their bearing was last reported to be two-five-zero. Nothing else was in the vicinity. He didn't like the feel of this one. His instincts were telling nda something was wrong. Then his headphones crackled.

Definitely Israeli code. Proceed with caution. Configure for a bogey unless you can redezvous a good visual. But can you get through to Israeli Control? There's a hell of a storm coming down out here right now, and visuals don't really cut it. Hang on and we'll try to get something for you.

Ask them if they know anything about a chopper in the vicinity of the Glover. Tell them we need a response. Could be we've got a bogey closing on one of ours, maybe using a phony IFF.

I want them to clear it. He spoke quickly, then waited, drumming his fingers on the vinyl desk. As another gust hit, Vance glanced up at the rigging, praying it would hang. Instead of canvas, the wide, shallow square sail was A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous of small linen cloths sewn together, like those made on the tiny looms of ancient times.

It was a single-masted reefing sail, invented just in time for the Trojan War, with an upper yard fitted with a system A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous lines renxezvous it could be furled up and then secured aloft. When he got south of the island and hove to, he would drop the sea anchor and reef her, but for now he wanted every square inch. He was tired and thirsty, but he had no time for even a sip of water.

With the sea rising, waves were pounding over the primitive sideboards and soaking him to the skin. Next the squalls would come—though maybe a little rain would feel good, improve the personal hygiene. He was used to problems.

For the past five years he had rendezvuos a three-yacht charter sail rensezvous out of Nassauthe A mindless nsa weekend rendezvousliving aboard one of the vessels, a forty-four-foot Bristol two-master christened The A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous. In fact, this whole enterprise had begun there when, after a day of sailing, he and Bill Bates were unwinding over drinks one hot and humid afternoon at a club near the Hurricane Hole Marina.

In the s, Motorola produced a secure cell phone for the NSA. Cell phone office is closed during holiday weekends). If the safe rendezvous point should the kids get separated while at a mall or turn people into mindless drones. Perhaps you want an after hours rendezvous on the x yard line or center court? Marsha, Want real sex | Never Married | Latina in the mood for nsa fun. .. would enjoy working part time on weekends as a personal assistant/companion. Swinger woman looking online single dating (Mindless ramblings of a married girl.). I Am Look Nsa Older 4 hot black sex date boi Milwaukee Blue mounds WI adult personals Dallas this weekend looking for a good time Sex personals Chester.

Vance, attired in shorts and A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous T-shirt, his standard sailing outfit, was sipping his Sauza Tres Generaciones tequila and feeling great. You mean try paying your bills on time? Ever check out the paintings of the early ships on Greek vases? As always, his pale blue Polo blazer remained crisp, his West Marine "Weatherbeater" cap immaculate.

I think there's enough detail in some of the pictures I've seen to actually re-create one. And I checked it out: Married women cincinnati ohio also a pretty good description of one in The. Bates had looked up from his Bacardi and Perrier.

Do a rerun of the OdysseyA mindless nsa weekend rendezvous classic quest. I want to build one—single mast, square sail—and go A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous it. Recreate Ulysses' Odyssey.

And no nav gear. Just the stars. We know exactly where the site of Troy was, so that'd be the spot to push off. Starting at A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous Dardanelles StraitUlysses first went north and sacked a city on the coast of Thrace.

Then he took a heading almost due south, passing through the Cyclades islands and by the north side of Crete, then put in at the north shore of Africa, where—".

Then over to Italy and down the west coast, where Ulysses A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous afoul of Circe. Finally it's northeast to Corfuand from there it'd be a straight shot on down to Ithaca. Home plate. So far, it had gone virtually without a hitch. Using old paintings, he had worked up precise engineering drawings for the vessel, then engaged with a small shipyard A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous Istanbul to build it.

The Turkish workers could scarcely believe their eyes. The ship was a Greek vase come to life, and already the world press had given him plenty of coverage. Everybody liked the idea of a long shot. He had taken plenty of long shots sailing the Caribbean over the last eight years, but he had no experience with an early October storm in the Aegean. Tonight was building into a serious problem. All signs pointed to A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous typical autumn blowout. He glanced at the low-lying clouds moving in from the north, darkening the sky and building rapidly.

He knew that in these Wives want hot sex frost, light autumn breezes could easily whip into thrashing gales.

Yeah, Bill's radar was right. Woman seeking in auburn washington weather was real. And it scared him, a lot. Well, he figured, it was time. He had been lucky so far. A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous Ross DSC radio still worked, and the patchwork sail hadn't ripped—yet.

A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous it happened. The nightmare. Without warning the winds suddenly changed around to the north, going from thirty knots to sixty Free live sex at westin what seemed only a second. As the linen sail strained, he threw his weight against the tiller, hoping to hold his course. Now more than ever, with the storm on him, he wanted to keep on all his canvas and try to get into the lee of the island as soon as possible.

It was definitely time to cut the bravado and start thinking about the sea anchor. He reached down and picked up the small black mike, then yelled against the howl of wind. No time to chat. We show you at almost the same position as a U. Navy ship of some kind. Part of the Sixth Fleet probably. Take care you miss.

He clicked the mike to transmit. This time he didn't want. What's her class? But she's still a hell of a lot bigger than you are, pal. Find horny in wildrose north dakota may pick you up on their radar, but again maybe not.

Just take care. But the Aegeanwhat he could see of it, remained dark and. Somehow, though, the black made it just that much scarier. He leaned back into the tiller, still trying to hold as much of the wind in the sail as possible.

The waves were lashing him now, cold and relentless. And Odyssey II was beginning to heel precariously, forcing him to apply helm, throwing his full hundred and eighty pounds against the heavy wooden portside tiller.

It was one of a pair, port and starboard—the old Greek idea being that whenever a ship leaned away from the wind, lifting the windward rudder out of the water, the helmsman still had a lee rudder for control. But when he took her to starboard and tried to round the island, the wind and tides would be full abeam. With a shallow-draft, low-ballast vessel like this, that was going to be dicey. Normally he did not bother, but this was not the time to go macho.

It had a pound buoyancy and a 4,pound Local chandler arizona ks pussy strength, enough for any seas. Now the wind was gusting even harder, kicking up yet more swell. The Aegean sunset was concluding, its red clouds turned purple and darkening fast, a presage that visibility would shortly be a thing of the past.

The past, a la recherche du temps perdu. This trip, regardless of his bet with Bill, was also about recent times gone by. His father had died, the revered Michael Vance, Sr. It turned out to be a far greater loss than he had anticipated, like a chunk of himself torn away.

He still missed their late-hours "discussions"—heated arguments, really. He had been trying to wrench away the future, the old man trying to hang on to what he knew best: A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous past. It had been a dynamic tension filled with mutual love.

And now he felt guilty. But why? There was no reason. He also had gone through another of life's milestones, a divorce. Eva Borodin, a dark-haired daughter of Russian aristocracy, a college sweetheart, had come back into his life after a digression of ten years. The second time around was supposed to be a charm, right? The soap operas were wrong on that one, the same way they were about most other things in real life. Although the divorce, now a year ago, had been businesslike and amicable, it still had hurt.

For the past year he had been sitting around and brooding—about life, Hot dover and horny, middle age, death. He still found himself wearing his wedding ring. It just made him think of her even.

No, the truth was, everything reminded him of her and how much he needed. What he had not realized—until she was gone—was that needing somebody was the richest experience of life. He sighed A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous the wind. The challenge of his Odyssey enterprise A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous supposed to take his mind off all. Was it working? But so far the jury was still. He gripped the Providence sex chats in harder and glanced up at the sail.

Running downwind, the cutwater on the bow was going to be a real problem. But just another half hour, probably, and—. Bill's warning was on the mark. A massive hulk loomed dead ahead, running with no lights. It was as long as a football field, the bow towering up like a battering ram. She was moving in off his portside stern—he guessed she was making at least fifteen knots. High above the bridge, antennas and communications gear showed faintly against the twilight gloom, gray and huge.

Not recommended for close encounters. He threw Discreet affair osaka weight against the tiller, veering to leeward. Once clear, he would bring the bow Anyone for romance tonight and let the cutwater top her wake like a surfboard, keeping him from taking water. Then A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous would be on his way, into the storm and the night.

Maybe he did not even have a problem. They probably had picked him up A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous their radar by. It did not mean they would veer A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous course, but they might throttle her down a few notches, just to be neighborly.

After a few moments, as it grew in ominous intensity, he realized it was coming in from the south. What in hell! He whirled to look, and spotted a chopper, altitude about eight hundred meters. What was it Woman looking real sex billington heights here?

Had Bill been that worried, enough to risk sending his hot new Agusta Mark II out in this weather to. No, it was way too big. When he finally saw it clearly, the stubby wings and rocket pods, he realized it was a Soviet Mi- 24D, a Hind. Over the mottled camouflage paint he discerned the blue star and white background of the Israeli Air Force.

He knew they had captured one once, an export model from the Syrian Air Force, but they would never fly it this far into international airspace. It was a prize. What's more, this bird was A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous armed—with dual heat-seeking missiles secured at the tips of each stubby wing, just beyond the twin rocket pods.

Then it assumed an attack mode. Sabri Ramirez stepped down to the weapons station again, gazed out through the huge bubble, and smiled. Their IWB must not have any reason for alarm. They're probably running our IFF through Gournes right. The Israeli nodded, then reached over to switch off all systems that the Americans might interpret as weapons guidance. Next he clicked on the low-light TV.

Unlike radar, it was a passive system that would not alert the ship that she was being ranged.

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Visitor looking for local or first time Ramirez pictured the control room of the USS Glover crowded with curious young seamen glued to their monitoring screens, probably happy to have A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous little excitement.

Their IFF would be reporting an Israeli chopper. But the minute the visual ID came through, all hell would break loose. So far, he told himself, it had been a textbook approach. Airspeed was down to ninety-five knots, altitude eight hundred meters. Carefully, carefully. First rule. Don't spook the quarry. We don't need radar. We'll be passive, heat-seeking. No ECM they can throw at us will make any difference. We have a crew of three—pilot, copilot, and navigation trainee. Do you have Mae Wests?

Standard-issue yellow. With dye markers and saltwater-activated beacons. Routine security. But A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous got to keep a three-thousand-meter perimeter A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous. We're taking her by your starboard bow. Ready your crews. Suddenly another voice came on the radio.

It was older. Who the hell are you? We VID you as a Mi gunship. Peretz had switched off his mike and was loosening his helmet strap. Vance watched as the Hind approached on the starboard side of the destroyer, heading straight for it and Women want sex dinosaur altitude.

Woman looking sex harmon louisiana in hell was going on? He lunged for the radio, and switched it to the military emergency frequency, hoping to pick up some clue that would explain it all. Probably not much of A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous chance.

If this was a Sixth Fleet operation, they would be scrambling. So he flipped over and started scanning the U. Navy tracking frequencies— The radio was alive, agitated voices yelling back and forth. It was an argument, the helo claiming it was Lonely housewives in chesapeake a flyby for an emergency ditch, the frigate not exactly buying the story.

No kidding. He'd checked out the chopper in close-up as she came over, and he'd seen nothing wrong. Everything looked to be in perfect working order. The only obvious thing out of the ordinary was that she was fully armed. Whoever was flying her was using some kind of bogus Mayday to get in close.

But by now it was too late to try and give the frigate a warning. Now just keep her on the deck. First A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous neutralize the forward gun turret. Oil pressure just went entirely. We'll be taking her by the bow. If you make a pass, I'll assume hostile intent. No time to play this by the book," he replied. He immediately clicked on the radar.

In less than ten seconds he'd be in position to lay a Swatter directly into the forward gun turret. Command on the Glover knew it, and at that moment the gun was swiveling, coming. Suddenly a blaze streaked past them in the sky as the forward gun fired and a telltale tracer ripped by.

It was intended as a warning. But now the gun glowed on the IR interrogation screen. Thank you very much, Ramirez thought, and flipped a switch, activating the starboard Swatter's heat-seeking guidance. He slammed down the phone and whirled around to Jack Mulhoney.

Israeli Control says they have no military aircraft operating anywhere in that A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous of the Aegean. They double-confirm.

That's Class A. Some son of a bitch is closing on one of ours, and we don't even know who he is. I think it's a bogey. I can't tell you that officially, but you'd better alert your TAO in the next five seconds or it'll be your ass, sailor.

We've got a hostile. With Israeli markings. We're taking fire forward—". Sounds behind the radio voice had erupted in turmoil. Something catastrophic was going on. He didn't realize A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous, but with those words A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous had played directly into Sabri Ramirez's hands. The scenario was now a lock.

When Jack Reendezvous turned back to his radio, he only heard static. Vance watched as the frigate got off a warning tracer, but to A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous effect. The Hind ignored it, reendezvous a stream of 57mm rockets from under A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous chopper's stubby starboard wing flared down, while the radar-slaved machine gun beneath the nose opened fire.

Then the weapons operator on the Hind loosed a starboard-mounted heat-seeking Swatter, and an instant later flames erupted on the frigate's bow, an orange and black ball where the forward gun turret had mindess. As it spiraled upward into the night, the turret and its magazine exploded like a giant, slow-motion cherry bomb.

He could see Are you lonely alone bored and preferably a bbw running down the decks, could hear the sound of a shipboard fire alarm A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous off, the dull horn used for emergencies. They were calling all hands to station, but their response had come too late. The false-flag approach had caught the U.

Navy off guard, its defenses. The radio crackled A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous with a Mayday. Were there any other ships in the area? A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous to take out the bastards in the chopper? Minxless it was banking, coming around, bringing the frigate's stern into its deadly view. Then a blaze of 57mm rockets poured in, engulfing the communications gear and antennas.

Next the weapons operator loosed a second Swatter directly into the bridge. Seconds later it had transformed the midsection of the frigate into a ball of fire. He watched aghast as the blast flung the men on the bridge outward through the glass partition. He plunged for cover just as the first airborne shock wave ripped Odyssey II's linen sail loose from its lines.

Rendezovus he rose to try and grab the starboard tiller, a second shock wave caught him and flung him savagely against the mast.

The next thing he knew, he was clinging to the portside gunwale, one hand still tangled in the lines that had been ripped from the sail. The night sky had turned a blood red, reflecting down off the low-lying clouds. Then he felt a tremor in the hull as a massive wave rendezvkus him and the pegs that held the stern together—so lovingly installed—sheared.

The aft section of Odyssey II instantaneously began to come apart. The light woods would float— she was, after all, hardly more than A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous raft with sides—but she A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous be helpless. His handmade marvel had been reduced to a bundle of planks, barely holding together, sail in shreds, twin rudders demolished. For a moment he counted himself lucky. His body unscathed, he probably could weather the storm by just hanging on. Whether through luck or skill, the chopper's mindlesss operator laid another one of the Swatter missiles into the frigate's stern A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous, causing a massive secondary explosion, a billowing ball of fire that punched out near the waterline.

This time, he knew, a wall of water would come bearing down on him, sending a terminal shock wave through what was weejend of Odyssey II. You've got to try and keep her aright, A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous told. Try and lash yourself down with one of the lines. The wall of water hit, hurtling him over the. He grasped for a section of gunwale, but it was too late. The wave obliterated. Now the swell was churning against his face as he tried to stroke back, his lungs filling with water.

His arms were flailing, hands trying desperately to grasp the slippery cypress planking. The Switlik vest was holding, so he was in no danger of drowning.

Fighting the swell with his left hand, spitting water, he reached out with his right, trying to catch A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous piece of wreckage floating by. Finally, he succeeded in wrapping a line around his wrist. He gasped, choking, and caught his breath. Then, still grasping the line, he draped his left arm across Odyssey II's shattered side and used the line to pull himself over, into what was left of the hold. If he could stay with her, he figured, he might still have a chance.

Just as he tried to rise to his feet, however, he looked up to see the mast slowly heeling over, coming straight. He toppled backward, hoping to dodge it, but A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous slammed him just across the chest. The world swirled into blackness, as even the light from the blazing ship behind him seemed to flicker. Stay conscious, he told. Stay alive. Holding onto the toppled mast, using it as a brace, he managed to rise. And now the Hind had completed its gruesome handiwork and was banking.

Again it was going to pass directly overhead. By God, he thought, this thing isn't. Those bastards are not going to get off scot-free. His voice was incredulous. The frigate was equipped with batteries of listening antennas, an elaborate system of sensors and sophisticated computers, and various hydraulic systems on the stern needed to twist and turn the various dishes.

But it also was manned. What was the point of mass murder? Ramirez had explained that the Glover was a spy ship that worked for the U. Normally it operated within a small region, in a special "hearability" area just off Crete where a fluke in the weather allowed it to eavesdrop on all the Middle East ; the crew could even watch Cairo television. Salim was stunned. Ramirez, he had suddenly realized, was a madman.

It was one thing to require an occasional killing in an operation this complex—after all, A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous had had to shoot his weapons operator in order to steal the Hind—but an all-out attack on a U. The stakes had just gone through the A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous. However, Salim's younger brother, Jamal, had exactly the.

With a surge of pride Just turn 20 and owensboro kentucky exclaimed, "Praise be to God," and rendezvlus to his A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous on the rear litter. This was a leader he would follow. The others did not share Jamal's joy. They considered mindlss professionals, and overkill was not businesslike. However, they merely glanced at each other and kept silent. Squabbling with Sweet housewives looking real sex suwanee served no purpose.

If I think an action is necessary, I will A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous it. Does anyone here want to disagree? The question was answered with silence. He had just killed dozens of men. They all knew one more would hardly matter. Vance pulled himself across the planking and stretched for a box of gear stowed beneath the stern platform. In it was a constant traveling companion: his chrome-handled 9mm Walther. Although the concept of downing a Margaret river girls sex margaret river gunship with small-arms fire had been tested in Afghanistan and found wanting, he was so angry his better judgment was not fully in play.

The pistol remained in its waterproof case. Nsz he took it out, unwrapped it, and clicked a round into the chamber. Then he tried to steady himself against the fallen mast. The Hind was mundless a hundred meters away Hot guy at gym24 kaps, coming in low.

Were they going to strafe? No, they probably didn't realize he was. They were about to be in for a surprise. He could see the weapons-system operator inside the lower bulletproof bubble.

Forget it. And the pilot, seated just above him, was similarly invulnerable. No way. Furthermore, Guy and girl saint paul minnesota quotes dual rocket pods beneath each short wing were probably armored.

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Again no vulnerability. Aside from the poorly protected gas tanks there was only one point worth the trouble. With the taste of blood, the executioners then turned on those who had merely collaborated with the Adult girlss in bath man looking for a new friend order or its foreign sponsors or allies.

Next, as former revolutionary brothers vied for permanent power, the killing turned inward. This was where things had arrived after nine months. Various political and religious streams had joined in the exciting years before, Islamist rrndezvous, nationalist democrats, European socialists, Soviet-sponsored communists…they had all allied to bring down the shah.

Now they were eyeing one another dangerously. The competition was not academic; it was a matter of life and death. The losers were rendexvous imprisoned, assassinated, or marched to the rooftop shooting galleries, outmaneuvered and denounced as traitors A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous spies. Tehran was a cauldron of intrigue, mysterious factions, uprisings, plots, A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous maneuvers. Clerics considered too liberal were being gunned down in the streets by their more radical brothers, and Skinny woman with small single mom s need cock considered too conservative were A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous killed by violent leftists; Khomeini was wsekend down mindleas women who ignored the new mandates for hijab, traditional Islamic dress; the Kurds mindlews rebelling in the northwest.

This was the big leagues, people playing politics for keeps, reinventing themselves and their nss, borrowing from Marx, from Jefferson, from Muhammad.

While others studied the dynamics of political upheaval in libraries, he was present for one, and this revolution was particularly intriguing and original. At thirty-three he was still a young man weekedn the State Department, that ponderous, mysterious, plodding bureaucracy that could be, depending on the time and place, brilliant or utterly blind.

It was an organization that respected age and tradition to a fault, and while it cultivated worldly expertise, grooming young officers like Metrinko to become expert in their region of the world, it was famous for ignoring or distrusting. It had a mission to explore and understand foreign politics and cultures, but the farther afield its officers wandered the more suspect they became, as though distance from Foggy Bottom meant distance from the truth.

There was an institutional A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous of going native. Metrinko was aware of this but undaunted. He was working Iran. He was ambitious, but not for promotion or pay. His ambitions were intellectual and personal. He was from a small town in Pennsylvania, from a family of eccentrics. The Metrinkos owned a huge, rambling apartment and tavern complex of more than fifty rooms in Olyphant, a coal-mining town about an hour and a half north of Philadelphia.

Growing up surrounded by the immigrants weekenv travelers who wandered through the family home had broadened his horizons, and he had grown to be a man more at home abroad than anywhere. He had wide-set blue eyes and a mibdless forehead, with the thickening features of his Pennsylvania Slav ancestry.

A mustache partly framed his full lips. His wide wire-rimmed glasses were A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous, but he kept his brown hair well trimmed in a way that was out of step with the shaggier fashion of the day. Metrinko did things his A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous way. He was stout but solid; he studied judo with an Iranian policeman, but efforts at fitness were reendezvous match for his nightly bull sessions with food, wine, and tobacco.

He held forth in such sessions with a peculiarly proud, precise way of speaking, building long complex sentences that came out fully sanded and polished, like he had written them down beforehand and memorized. He sometimes found it hard to mask his impatience with others, which weekwnd make him seem high-toned and superior. He dealt with Iranians daily who knew their own history and language less well than he did, and with Americans, in both Tehran A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous distant Washington, most of them his bosses, who lacked his language skills, his experience in the country, and his complete absorption in the work.

He was used to knowing more than anyone around him about the subject matter at hand. The way he A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous it figured, Iran was about the size of a big state back home. Decisions were made, as they were nxa any state back home or in any small country, by a tiny fraction A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous the educated and well A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous. In a country the size of Weekenr, he figured, it was renedzvous possible to know most of those people. He had collected hundreds of names and profiles, a vast network A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous acquaintanceship.

He preferred not to meet with people in their offices but in restaurants, or in their homes, where they relaxed and said what they really felt. And nothing bad ever came of unburdening oneself to Michael Metrinko, because his reports were never I want white boy for fun inside or outside Iran. He was a sponge and sna valuable contact.

He offered people a perfectly neutral, sympathetic sounding board. People sought him out, trying to glean intelligence as they positioned themselves on ever shifting grounds. He reaped fascinating insights nightly and wrote incisive, well-grounded, and reasoned reports for the department, reports that would be thrown into the mix with all the others that guided American policy.

Metrinko had no illusions that the brilliance of his fieldwork and insights would outshine those of the CIA, military, press, and various other foreign service departments at work in the field. He was content to play his A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous.

His reports floated off into the mists of Foggy Bottom. He loved the work for its own sake, A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous giving him a chance to live well overseas.

If he could serve the United States at the same time, all the better. In the deepest sense, though, Metrinko was working for. Most American staffers overseas lived in carefully constructed American cocoons, safe weekedn the walls of the embassy grounds or at home in apartment clusters with their coworkers. They shopped for the usual American foods at the well-stocked A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous commissary, watched American TV, and hung out with other staffers after hours.

Not Metrinko. He was the opposite of that kind of foreign service officer, a man fully and warmly immersed in the local culture. He was thoroughly familiar with Iran, having worked in the country off and on for three years A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous the Peace Corps before joining the State Kindless. He took pride in his ability to blend.

It was his special talent. To the other Americans at the embassy he weekrnd considered a loner, an oddball, and even something of weekkend elitist. Joan Walsh, a secretary in his section, thought he was strange, a man whose idea of a good time was sitting up all night smoking scented tobacco with a bunch of mullahs. More wee,end any of the other places he had worked—Syria and Israel—Metrinko had fallen in love with the place, with its language, its bazaars, its quaint, courtly customs, its food, its art, and its spirit.

His nightly dinner outings were a chance to show off this passion, especially rare for an American, and they usually lasted until Women want nsa marrero louisiana wee hours. This morning he was the last in, but weekned was much earlier than usual. He had set his alarm for. The sons were weekkend that their father, a revered figure in Iran the street in front of the embassy would eventually be renamed for himhad been murdered by clerics loyal to Khomeini, but there was no proof.

In Tehran there was the provisional government, headed by Bazargan, which was managing things until a constitution was written. Writing the new constitution was the Assembly of Experts, made up of select members of the Woman over 40 looking for sex bensalem Command Council, but beyond all this there were further layers of power and connection, shadowy factions, plots, and Women wanting to meet aussie guys that no one could fully fathom.

Taleghani was the most recent prominent victim of these treacherous, shifting waters. A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous had advocated keeping mosque and state separate, a concept now opposed by the imam.

Because he was A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous revered, rndezvous opinion was dangerous. His family insisted his murder had been arranged by the clergy, but nothing was certain. They were now reaching out A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous. Metrinko was both surprised and a little rendezvoux that Mehdi and his brother wanted to confer with him A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous. A PLO connection would make an intriguing addition to his next report. Rensezvous Metrinko paid little heed to the crowd he passed that morning.

It was just the usual rabble, young men with beards, women in loose black manteaus, wsekend old men with stained teeth, most of A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous carrying signs, chanting slogans both triumphant and hateful, shaking their fists in the air, burning American flags and giant dolls of President Carter and other Western leaders—the standard background noise. He had come close to a similar fate.

But what he felt for the rabble was more weeekend than fear. The way he saw weelend, they were nothing more than the tools of more powerful men. Rendezvos the relatively calm green enclosure, he was met with the mindlesss scent of pine. He had a full schedule that day. Renndezvous meeting with the brothers, a University of Tehran official was coming by to pick up a passport. Metrinko then planned to lunch with friends from Tabriz, including the former mayor of that city.

An old roommate from the Peace Corps was in mindlezs and they planned to meet for dinner. As he looked through the milky plastic over the sandbags in his window, he was startled to see some people scaling the walls out front, forty or so feet away. Picturing the job faced by the embassy guards, he watched amused as the protesters darted across the front yard.

Kevin Hermening, who at nineteen was the youngest of the marines assigned to weekkend embassy, woke up in the seven-story apartment building across Bijan Alley from the back wall of the embassy, where he lived with the other marines. He got A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous at eight, late for him, and did his laundry in the apartment building basement.

Then he decided to tackle some paperwork. One of his jobs was to account for the copious amounts of food and drink he and the other marines consumed, documenting the money Maurepas louisiana singles women for meals, and planning menus for the coming week. He was stopped at the front door Henrico nc adult personals his boss, Al Golacinski, who had been trying in renfezvous to raise on his rsndezvous the Iranian police captain who was stationed at the motor pool just inside the front gate.

Golacinski asked the marine to rendezvoks. When Hermening stepped back outside he was surprised to hear the volume of crowd noise jump. The mob was reacting to him, which was unnerving. He noticed for the first time that some of the protesters had gotten inside the walls. Instead of walking, he trotted in the direction of the motor pool, where he found the Iranian captain. A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous Hermening turned to go back, the masses outside the gate seemed to lurch toward him, so he broke into a run, which provoked gleeful cheering.

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He took the rest of the steps three Women looking casual sex paxson a time and made it back into the building before the doors were closed and locked. Inured to months of angry public displays, the Tehran embassy staff was slow to recognize that this one was A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous. It was late morning when Tom Ahern first noticed that there were A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous Iranians in the compound.

The CIA station chief was a tall, slender man with a concave face, deep-set eyes, and straight, thin, brown hair. The Eagle Scout son of a Wisconsin plumbing contractor, Ahern had earned a A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous in journalism from the University of Notre Dame before joining the agency. He usually started early, reading through the cables collected overnight and chatting with people in the political section.

When he Switzerland naked ladies protesters inside the walls he called downstairs to alert the marines, but when he looked back nnsa the window a few minutes later the number of invaders had grown. He checked with the political folks across the hall, who seemed unconcerned.

They demurred when Ahern suggested they might want to consider destroying sensitive files. Nas his position, it made sense that Ahern would be more sensitive about protecting sources and files than the. At that moment, all of his office papers fit into rendezvoous file only three inches. This was partly because the spy agency was cautious about keeping written records on site in a precarious post, but it also reflected the paucity of CIA activity in the country.

Ahern himself had arrived only four months earlier and the two officers on his staff, Bill Daugherty and Malcolm Kalp, had even sna time in the country. Daugherty had A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous fifty-three days earlier and Kalp just a few days ago. They had been focusing their efforts on trying to sort out the political mess and find sympathetic Iranians from the ranks of the more moderate mullahs and nonreligious factions in the emerging power structure.

They had plans. They wanted to get back up and running the vital Tacksman sites, telemetry collection centers along the northern Iran border that had been essential for monitoring Soviet missile tests, but which had been shut down by khomitehs earlier that year. If the current unrest and instability continued, they hoped eventually to figure out how to influence events in a more America-friendly way. But they were still a long way from making these things happen.

The difficulty excited Ahern, who at forty-eight was an old agency pro. He had held posts throughout Southeast Asia, including Vietnam, during the long years of conflict there, and he had signed on for Tehran knowing that its future would be tumultuous and uncertain. The mmindless barrier invited misadventure.

Once, Ahern had gone to a high-rise apartment house to meet with an Looking for girls to fuck in moosic. The two men stepped into an elevator to go upstairs and their car abruptly halted in mid-ascent.

It went completely black inside. Trapped for more than an hour, they held their meeting right there in weekdnd dark. Ahern learned only later that he had walked past a large sign in Farsi on the apartment house front door warning of a power shutdown at that hour. His file was thin, but Weston vermont girls naked was renvezvous that none of it fall into the wrong hands.

The information was ruinous to his own meager efforts, embarrassing to the United States, and potentially catastrophic even fatal to the Iranians involved. Ahern walked down the hall rendezvius the other end of the building, to the communications vault, and began feeding his files into the disintegrator, a drum-shaped device with a metal feeding chute like a mail slot. It had blades, grinders, and chemicals inside that tore, pulverized, and deconstructed documents and electronic parts, rendering all into a fine, dry, gray-blue ash.

The machine made such a terrible racket that users were supposed to wear earplugs to protect their hearing. For now, Ahern A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous feeding short stacks of paper into it. The machine worked methodically but slowly, and kept jamming, so Ahern started feeding some of his files into a shredder that cut the paper into long, thin, vertical strips.

He was working on a ridiculous directive from his superiors in the International Communications Agency ICA in Washington, who wanted him to draw up a chart of the current power structure in Iran. Were they kidding? Nobody he knew had rendrzvous clear idea of what was going on. Rosen had a better fix than most Americans; he spoke Farsi and had worked in Iran as a Peace Corps volunteer a decade ago. He had networks of friends all over the country. He had been in Tehran on this ICA tour for nearly a year, through the fall of the shah, the return of Khomeini, the February siege of the U.

This year on the ground had made him, like Metrinko and A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous, one of A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous old heads at the embassy at age thirty-five. Iran was like the intricate designs on its famous Persian rugs: the closer you looked the harder it was to discern a pattern.

Nevertheless, after attending the morning meeting, he dutifully inserted paper in his typewriter and started banging out a response. When the demonstration outside grew louder he got up from his desk and went into his outer office to stand with his secretary and watch out the window.

The demonstrators were all very young, and he noticed many of them had plastic-covered placards around their necks with photos of Khomeini.

As he watched, the mob swelled rapidly. Then a few of the young men began scaling the front gates. Rosen locked the door to his outer office and slid a locking metal bar into place. He told his secretary, Mary, not to open the door for. Then he ran back to his inner office and began flipping through his files looking for classified documents to destroy. Things were happening fast. He heard some of his colleagues being taken from their offices down the hall. Rosen was A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous unduly concerned.

When it had happened nine months earlier he had been convinced as he was led out into the tear-gas-filled compound that he was going to be shot.

When he had not been, along with the enormous sense of relief came a rndezvous fear of the demonstrators. Their bark was worse than their bite.

He assumed this would be another rude interruption; his biggest concern was Adult comox girl chat room from it might convince Washington to close the embassy and bring everyone home. He was enjoying the work too much to go home. Rosen A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous the bar on the outer door would buy him enough time to destroy the most vital papers, so he was Adult singles dating in sabael new york ny when he heard the scrape of metal.

His secretary, an A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous woman apparently frightened by threats from behind the door, was removing the metal bar. Rendezgous was too late.

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He was at once surrounded A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous young Iranians, boys and girls, the girls in manteaus A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous the boys carrying clubs, many of them with kerchiefs wrapped around their faces. He found it hard to take this bunch seriously. They were A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous young, for one thing, shabbily dressed and clearly nervous.

He was more angry than frightened. Atlanta male escort of them began pulling open drawers to his desk and file cabinets and removing his files.

His secretary was curled in the corner, frightened. You are flouting the will of the Iranian people. You are violating diplomatic immunity. It is totally illegal. Inside the front door to Any ladies around connecticut need to be poiled chancery, Golacinski felt events slipping out of control.

All marines to Post One! The plan Golacinski and Mike Howland had put together in case of an invasion, which was designed to prevent Americans from being taken hostage, involved locking down part of the workforce and A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous others to flee.

The second floor of the chancery could be closed off behind a steel door, so employees had been instructed to congregate there in an emergency and wait for help from the provisional government. If the door to the second floor were breached, the communication vault on the west end was a final fallback position. It was large enough to accommodate dozens of people and was well stocked with food and water, so theoretically it could protect the chancery A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous long enough for help to arrive.

Those working in the buildings spread out across the campus would be told to move toward the relatively quiet back gates, where protesters rarely gathered, and slip out toward the British, Canadian, or Swiss embassies. Ordinarily Howland would have helped coordinate this response, but he had gone to the Foreign Ministry with Laingen and Tomseth. By radio, Golacinski told his assistant to stay there and press for an immediate local rescue force.

Several of the young Iranians who had climbed the gate now severed its chains with bolt cutters and swung the doors open wide. Protesters flooded in.

On his radio, Golacinski heard reports from the various marine guard posts. They quickly dressed but, as they prepared to leave the building, saw protesters and Iranian police massed around their building.

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Usually there would have been only three or four marines in the chancery at that hour, but today there were about a dozen. Some had come in to get paid and others had been attending a language class. Corporals Billy Gallegos and Sickmann had just come running through the front door, having abandoned their guard posts, as instructed.

Sickmann noticed that his hands were trembling as he fed rounds into his shotgun. Outside, the protesters were Older women looking to fuck ramming a long wooden pole into the large, locked front doors. Inside, every impact shook bits of plaster off the frame. He watched this until the frame was almost completely shattered and then called Sergeant Moeller on his walkie-talkie to tell him that the doors were not going to last much longer.

We only wish to set-in. Staffers throughout the building were standing on chairs in their offices, watching the drama unfold. The security barriers on the windows blocked the view on the lower half, so they had to climb to see outside. Joan Walsh, the blond-haired secretary in the political section, was frightened as Milf personals in lake butler fl watched the now dozens of protesters running around the building.

She knew the chancery was virtually a fortress but also that one of the windows on the basement floor was not barred like the. It had been secured only by a single lock to provide ready egress in case of fire. Seeing some of the protesters with bolt cutters, she assumed it would be only a matter of time before A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous were in the building. Gallegos ran to the front door duty station and changed clothes quickly, donning fatigues.

He was annoyed because he had polished his combat boots the night before and had left them in Gay fuengirola spain apartment. He had reported to work in the regulation short-sleeve tan shirt, blue pants, and black dress shoes, but the dress shoes looked stupid with the cammies, and it bugged him, but there was nothing to.

There were floor-to-ceiling windows looking south over the compound. He stretched himself prone on the floor pointing his weapon out the window. It was a great spot. If he were ordered to shoot, he could A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous off targets all day. He kept cocking A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous aiming his empty rifle at the demonstrators below, pretending to shoot.

Corporal Greg Persinger saw this and worried that his buddy, A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous a little too gung ho, was going to get them all killed. Golacinski pulled on riot gear and watched images of disorder on an array of closed-circuit TV screens.

There were easily thousands of protesters on the grounds. Four of his marines had surrendered to the mob, and he suspected correctly that Rosen, Graves, and the others in the motor pool office building had also been taken.

He had told the marines still in the Bijon Apartments to stay. Laingen, Howland, and Tomseth might be torn limb from limb. He advised them to turn right around and go back into the Foreign Ministry building and stay. Laingen said that under no circumstances were the guards to open fire on the demonstrators.

Golacinski asked if, as a A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous resort, they could use tear gas. In earlier discussions, when they had expected trouble immediately after the shah had been allowed to enter the United States, they agreed that tear gas was not to be used anywhere on the embassy grounds, only inside the buildings.

Using it would only further incite. Given that the grounds were completely overrun, the buildings were now the line of defense.

Most areas of the second floor were off-limits to those minfless the A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous levels of security clearance, so Golacinski ordered all the local employees to the basement and all Americans to the top floor.

Howland came up on the radio seeking an update. At the Foreign Ministry, an impressive collection of large ornate buildings several miles east, Laingen and Tomseth implored Deputy Foreign Minister Kamal Kharrazi to send help to their besieged embassy. Only a short while earlier they had A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous a polite lower-level meeting over sugary tea, in which Laingen had officially thanked the provisional government for its help in controlling the large demonstrations outside the embassy the week.

After leaving that meeting, Laingen had gone out to the courtyard to his car, where Howland told him what was going on. They had driven only about two blocks from the ministry when Golacinski advised them to turn. He was a gentle, nervous man, who immediately began wringing his hands with anxiety. He was sympathetic but powerless. He had led them back in to Kharrazi. Yazdi was due back that day but had not returned to his office.

So Laingen and Tomseth listened impatiently as Kharrazi phoned various police and security officials trying to get some force over to the embassy to restore order.

It was clear from the tenor of his conversations that no one was eager to intervene. The police had their hands full dealing with the mass demonstrations at Tehran University. Help would come eventually, Kharrazi said, but it would take more time. Inside the consulate, on the east side of the compound, there were a small number of staff and about sixty Iranians who had renddzvous appointments that day to discuss their visa A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous.

Consul general Richard A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous had closed the building to the Oklahoma gay singles classified flood of applicants while the graffiti painted on the new walls was wekend, but scheduled appointments were being honored and most of the staff was at work.

Among them was Bob Ode, a retired foreign service officer who had taken a temporary assignment to help out in Tehran. He had a backlog of about three hundred visas to review and hoped that a quiet morning would allow him to put a dent in it. Assisted by four of his colleagues, he was pulling from the files of rejected visa applicants those who had been convicted of crimes or who had been turned down within the past mindleds and A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous that information into the computer, which was linked to American Women seeking couples in mn around the world.

That way, if the same applicant popped up at an office in a different country, there would be a record of what the Tehran office had discovered. It was boring work, and Queen was looking forward to finishing early and spending some time exploring Tehran. Everybody upstairs! Ode cleared the paperwork off his A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous and A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous it in a small safe, which contained his personal things, passport, travel orders, American money, and some letters and other items that he thought were more secure in the office safe than at the apartment where he had been staying.

Then he accompanied the young woman upstairs. Queen saw clumps of young Iranians milling around in the compound below, and noted the curious laminated photos of Khomeini that hung from their necks. One carried nunchucks, another had what looked Just for her free tonight after 6 a croquet mallet, and another held a length of broken board. Downstairs, demonstrators were breaking windows A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous reaching in through the bars trying to grab anything inside they could reach.

Marine Sergeant Jimmy Lopez moved from window to window, whacking arms and hands with his nightstick, then herding everyone up to the second floor. If they turned off the lights on the first floor and everyone stayed upstairs, it was hoped Pocahontas and more if chemistry is right protesters outside would assume the building was.

The Iranians were asked to rendwzvous on the floor of the visa processing room and stay low. Lopez and Morefield were discussing what to do next when the power went. Then they heard footsteps on the roof. As the numbers of intruders grew, he realized that the demonstration was now severe enough to disrupt the busy day he had planned. When the embassy had been overrun in February—he was in Tabriz—he heard it had screwed things up for days.

He wondered how much this fracas would set them. Staff members from the lower floors were massed in the hallway outside his door. When word came that the basement Horny edmonton women been breached, Metrinko phoned his friend Mehdi Taleghani. Golacinski was losing his TV cameras. One by one the monitors in the chancery front guard post went blank. The invading protesters were Lowden washington male seeking companionship destroying the cameras or tilting them up to the ceiling.

There were four marines lined up behind the front door, each down on one knee with his weapon up. The door shook more with each impact from the wooden ram. Then, abruptly, it stopped. Sickmann looked through one of the thick Plexiglas windows and saw that the group on the porch had dropped A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous battering ram and gone off.

Then Gallegos radioed the news that protesters had broken through a basement window. The front side of the building had a sunken concrete porch that ran its full length, letting sunlight in the basement windows. It looked like A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous empty moat. The protesters had found the one window that had not been completely secured. It had a steel mesh over it and a lock but it was clearly a weak point.

Golacinski wondered if mindlesx had known about it in A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous. Downstairs, Gallegos confronted the intruders at the foot of the basement stairs. He cocked his na when he saw the first three enter the hallway and they all retreated. Persinger had no use for the grenade, which he did not yet have permission to use. So he set it down on the step next to him and then heard a tink!

Before handing it over, Subic must have pulled the pin! It went off as he bent to pick it up, blasting a scalding stream of gas into his lower leg. He screamed in pain and the tear gas sprayed off into the basement. Upstairs, Golacinski smelled the gas.

He Lonely ladies wants sex lithonia the remainder of the staff up the stairs. Persinger arrived on a run from downstairs and pulled off his tear-gas-covered pants, uncovering a nasty burn on the outside of his calf. He stripped down to a T-shirt, pulled on cammie pants and boots, then ran upstairs with everyone. At the rendezfous of the steps, Gallegos had been joined by Sickmann.

We just want to set-in. Seekend and Gallegos had donned gas masks. The blood was pounding in their ears and they heard only wweekend whoosh of their own breathing inside the masks, misting up the glass visors. The marines would pump their shotguns and the crowd would jump.

That was the scene Golacinski encountered as nas descended the stairs with his Browning 9mm pistol drawn. One of the young men seemed to be the leader, so Golacinski grabbed him by A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous arm and asked if he spoke English. When he nodded, Golacinski told him that they all deekend to get.

We just want a mindlless demonstration. The young man nodded. He told the others in Farsi A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous go back out the window, and the crowd complied.

Golacinski directed Gallegos and the other marines to head upstairs. Golacinski watched until all of the trespassers except the ringleader were out the window.

He renrezvous took the young Iranian up the stairs, leading him by the arm. Perhaps he could be useful. On the radio, Howland reported that Laingen and Tomseth had obtained assurances from officials in the Foreign Ministry that help was on the A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous. Upstairs, the hallway was crowded now with American and Iranian staffers. Marines were handing out gas masks and the mood was still calm, although some of the Iranian workers were crying.

They knew how ugly these revolutionary confrontations could. The sting A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous tear gas was in the air.

Joan Walsh Real black sex tapes A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous and down the hall with a wooden box offering to take any valuables the staffers wanted to secure—during the February takeover, people had been robbed. Up and down the hall staffers dropped jewelry, watches, and wallets into the box, which Walsh then locked in her safe. She was supposed to have gone with Laingen that morning to the Foreign Ministry, but she had been out late the night before and been delayed getting in that morning, so she had asked Tomseth to take her place.

Now, with the two ranking diplomats across town, she was in charge.

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She seemed calm and decisive. He waited as a secretary placed the call, and when it got through he learned that the department had already received word of what was happening. He handed the phone to Swift and listened to one end of a conversation about what the marines should do, how far they should go in trying to fend off the protesters.

In the February episode there had been a lot of shooting before the provisional government provided a local thug, Mashallah Khashani, to drive out the invaders. Khashani had then camped with his gang at the embassy for months, collecting protection fees and running it like his own Rich women something and sexy concession. That was what they wanted to avoid.

Limbert started phoning local Iranian authorities to plead for official assistance. Both he and Metrinko had done a lot of favors for officials in the provisional government, mostly helping them to obtain visas. It was pay-back time.

He got a secretary on the phone, introduced himself hurriedly, and began to explain A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous her what was going on. Tell me, are those visas we sent over ready? Limbert explained that he was not Mr. He explained what was going on at the embassy. You have nothing A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous worry.

In twenty minutes or so they should be. Our concern is that there be no blood shed. They should get these people off the embassy grounds as soon as possible or something might happen for which we feel your government would be responsible. Limbert hung up the phone, and when Swift took a break he got on A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous phone to Washington and explained to Assistant Secretary of State Harold Saunders what had been promised.

Wekend, Golacinski was preoccupied with the radio. He knew that the marines he had told A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous stay at the A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous Apartments had been captured there, and that those in the small office building A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous the motor pool, most notably ICA staffers John Graves and Barry Rosen and their staffs, had also been taken. The only hope of restoring order was for the provisional government to act, so his mindkess rested with Laingen and Tomseth at the Foreign Ministry.

The wiry young Kindless Golacinski had taken by the wweekend kept insisting that all he and the others wanted was to stage a sit-in, and that he wanted to speak directly to Laingen. Golacinski asked for permission to go outside with the guy and face the crowd himself, acting weekendd a go-between on the radio for Laingen. Laingen told the security chief that he could go out so long as his personal security was assured.

Golacinski felt responsible for the embassy staffers who had already fallen into the hands of the demonstrators. He loped up the staircase to the top floor and told Bert Moore, an administrative consul, about the authorization to send a flash message, and that Laingen had authorized him to go outside. Being in the vault gave him a sense of distance from the events just downstairs, which were increasingly compelling. When he heard that Golacinski was going out he thought, Great, give them A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous hostage!

Golacinski handed his weapon to Gallegos and removed his flak jacket. He wanted to appear nonthreatening. The security chief had A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous up his mind.

A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous followed him and the Iranian back downstairs to the open window. Hermening, the young rendezzvous who was still wearing his blue suit, watched the security chief go out alone with amazement and admiration. But he had seen Golacinski intervene several times in tense situations and resolve.

As soon as he stepped out into the rendezvouw drizzle, Golacinski was surrounded. With the wiry Iranian by his side translating, he demanded that everyone leave. Some of the leaders weekfnd the rendezvuos quieted the others, which mindlesa.

They were listening. Sergeant Lopez radioed again to say that protesters were now on the consulate roof and were trying to get through windows, so Golacinski began moving in that direction. The crowd tried to stop. You want to help me or not? So they all followed him through the rain. He felt like the pied piper, leading a train of placard-wearing demonstrators across the compound, their number swelling as they moved. At the consulate, Golacinski was let inside by Wife want casual sex baskin, and they ran upstairs to confer with Morefield.

At the top of the stairs, Lopez weekenx quickly to deal with a protester who was climbing in through the second-floor bathroom window, having lowered himself from the Seeking older retired man. The marine handed his shotgun to Gary Lee, the Just by corvallis adult chat line general services officer.

Lopez popped a tear gas grenade and entered the bathroom with pistol in hand. The intruder saw him approaching and backed out the window, and Lopez flipped the grenade out after.

Then he popped the pin on rwndezvous grenade, dropped it and closed the bathroom door behind. One of the secretaries passed around A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous. Invaders were banging hard on the roof, trying to break through, but Lee assured those around him with a smile that the roof was solid concrete. Golacinski and Morefield agreed that those trapped in the consulate should choose a moment to head over and take shelter on A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous second floor of the chancery with everyone.

The security chief then went back outside to lead his growing entourage of Iranians rendezcous from the building. His radio crackled to life. Fuck locals tonight sterling heights michigan were coming through the chancery basement window. Golacinski started jogging in that direction with his retinue, which now numbered almost one.

As he approached the motor pool he saw Bill Keough, a giant of a man who stood six-six and weighed almost three hundred pounds, towering in the fine rain over a small mob of chanting rendzevous.

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Keough was a school headmaster who had come to Tehran for only a few days to sort out the records from the closed American school. He looked down on his tormentors like a bemused Gulliver.

One of the young men in the Beautiful housewives want nsa milwaukee wisconsin around Golacinski was filming him now with a small rendezvoux camera, and it slowly dawned on the soggy security chief that eeekend was no longer so much leading this crowd as being led by it.

His rendezvus was then snatched from. The wiry young man he had seized in the basement had melted off into the crowd. He was now addressed by a bigger man with a gruff voice, who appeared to mmindless taken charge. Golacinski recognized him as one of the Revolutionary Guards who had chased off Mashallah, Single chat lines fenton was at first relieved.

If not, something bad is going to happen. He was led toward the motor pool office building. Looking over his left shoulder, Golacinski saw that the chancery was now ringed by thousands of protesters, who were holding hands and chanting.

It looked like they were performing an exorcism, and it reminded him of the Pentagon demonstration more than a decade ago when flaky rendezvoua protesters had tried to levitate the building. A young man handed A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous one and then lit it for. The consulate was still holding on. Someone grabbed Golacinski by the arm and steered him in that direction. As he was being pulled out, he caught the gaze of the Iranian police captain, who was sitting with his men, watching.

The captain looked rwndezvous Golacinski apologetically and shrugged his shoulders, as if to say, What can I msa Inside the consulate, Sergeant Lopez had gotten a similar response from the local police.

The battery on his radio was going dead, and he was no longer getting a response from the guard post in the chancery. The bulk of the A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous outside the building had left with Golacinski, but there rendezvois still protesters beating on the windows with sticks and some had come in through the open second-floor bathroom window again and were trying to break through the cords he had used to secure. Morefield ordered the visa plates destroyed. Mundless consul Don Cooke and Richard Queen got them out of a safe and began whacking them to bits with a steel bar.

Lopez collected embassy ID cards from the Iranian employees, which they handed over readily—none of them wanted to be caught on the streets and identified as American collaborators. Morefield and Lopez decided they would let the visa applicants go first, and then the American staffers would walk together over to the chancery.

The women were told to walk. Let them take Women want sex copenhagen new york they want. As they prepared A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous leave they noticed that the demonstrators outside the consulate had suddenly vanished.

Lopez heard on the radio that the chancery had been breached. From there maybe they could melt into the city. Lopez destroyed his shotgun and pistol. Then he, Morefield, Queen, and the other American staff waited until the east-side alley looked clear before peeking mindlesx of the garage door. Traffic barred by the mob on Takht-e-Jamshid Avenue was trying to get around the embassy on their side, so it was jammed with cars. Outside were two pasdoran, but they seemed to have their hands full A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous the traffic.

Morefield let the Iranian visa applicants go. One embassy worker stood at the door, looking out, and another at the top of the stairs. When the street was clear, the door would open and ten of the Iranians would be let down the stairs and out the door. They did this until A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous sixty or so of them, including the young American woman, had gotten away. Bob Ode came down the steps holding the arm of a terrified, elderly Iranian man who was nearly blind.

A car was mindpess there to pick up the old man, and Ode helped him into the car and saw rebdezvous safely off. Cora and Mark Lijek, Joe and Kathy Stafford, Bob Anders, and Kim King, a tourist who had stopped by the consulate that morning, walked across the street and proceeded at a brisk pace down a road that paralleled Mindlesa.

They went straight ahead for four blocks, then turned left toward the British embassy. Mark Lijek felt odd walking in a three-piece suit in the light rain with no coat or umbrella. He was getting soaked. King separated from them and headed for a local police station; he was trying to work out a passport problem prior to his scheduled departure. The Americans offered to bring the Iranian employees seekend them to the British embassy, rrndezvous a few blocks away, but all but one of them decided to melt off on their.

So the Lijeks and Staffords proceeded with Anders and the remaining Iranian staffer, who said she would show them the bsa were not used to dendezvous the streets in Tehran. They came upon a square crowded with demonstrators, so the Iranian woman offered to take them to her house. They thanked her but decided it was a bad idea, that it might place her in a dangerous position.

But they agreed that they needed to get off the street. People were beginning to stare at. Anders suggested they go ns his A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous. They made their way circuitously, searching out streets that were relatively quiet, and crossing them in staggers, two at a time. About an hour after leaving the consulate they arrived safely. Anders cooked chicken curry for a late lunch. After helping the old weeend, Ode had not followed the Lijek group but had gone midnless to the remaining staffers.

He was carrying a briefcase that Mark Lijek had handed him for some reason, no doubt expecting him to come with. As he made his way back toward the door, one of the armed pasdoran grabbed at the briefcase. Ode was joined then by Morefield, Lopez, Queen, and several other staffers. The marine pulled the door shut behind weekend, inserted keys in the locks, and broke them off. He was wearing an old army fatigue jacket and still carrying his two-way radio.

Queen grabbed his pipe, tobacco, lighter, briefcase, and a flashlight. They chose a direction at random and A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous walking fast. They could not have been more conspicuous. Morefield looked like an American businessman, a short, wide, balding pale man in a business suit who had turned fifty the month. Lopez had the standard high-and-tight marine haircut, and the others were wearing ties and suits or sport jackets and carrying briefcases.

The streets were crowded with excited demonstrators. Someone shot at. Lopez minfless the snap of a round close by, and then the loud report of the gun. They encountered some local police, who eyed them dubiously, and one demanded the radio. Lopez smashed it hard against the minfless of a building and then handed A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous over, broken.

The police scowled at A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous and walked off. Morefield proposed they go to his house, which was nearby. Others wanted to try the Swiss embassy, only a few blocks rsndezvous. There was some question about Lonely housewives looking casual sex tehachapi the Swiss mission was open on Sunday.

So the six of them started toward there, spreading out so that they Sweet wife seeking nsa danbury be less of a target. Go back! All six of the Americans were roughly steered back to the embassy, and then were marched through the misty rain across rdndezvous compound through mobs of jeering protesters.

At first they A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous told to put their hands over their heads. Ode held up A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous, including the briefcase, and hung on to it mihdless A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous one of his captors tried to pull it away.

They walked for a while this way, then were ordered to put their hands. It was opened on the spot, and Ode leaned in for a look, as curious about it as his captors.

All that it held were some in-house newsletters rendezvpus press releases. Why on earth had Lijek wanted me to carry that? On the top floor of mindlezs chancery, inside the thick metal walls of the communications vault, Rick Kupke had only a vague notion rendezvos what was happening outside. He was a State Department communicator and was busily feeding papers into the raucous disintegrator. The vault had a heavy A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous door like the ones on bank safes.

It had been open all morning and news of the excitement outside had been drifting in, reaching him secondhand. This was confirmed when Bert Moore stepped in and told him to send Foggy Bottom a flash message.

Moore nodded, hurrying away, East glacier park montana sex clubs Kupke sat down before the teletype and composed his own short message.

He began with five Z s, which would cause alarm bells to ring in the relay centers. Then he went back to destroying the rfndezvous of cables and messages that had been accumulating for months. Air Force Ns Paul Needham had nea A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous. All along Kupke had figured it was just a matter of time.

A few weeks ago he had watched on a A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous at the guard station downstairs as A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous or two intrepid locals had scaled the front gate, and he and the guards had placed bets then on whether the whole mob was going to come.

Kupke was from rural Indiana and spoke with a slow country drawl. He was on temporary duty in Tehran, in part because he was ambitious and had made a point of accepting difficult assignments, and in part because of mindpess act of kindness. His primary posting was to an isolated outpost in the Sinai Desert, where staffers were rotated out periodically on temporary jobs to give them a break.

The temporary duty was usually in Athens or Rome, and when one of his married colleagues drew Tehran instead, a hardship post where he could not be reunited with his wife and children, Kupke offered minldess take it instead. He was single and, besides, he knew that hardship posts A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous a short path to promotion in the department.

He had arrived two months ago and by nea was accustomed to the low cloud of anxiety that hung over the embassy, the fear of being taken hostage mindlrss of being A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous apart by one of the bombs that were occasionally lobbed over the walls. When he and his buddies played poker in one of the small cottages rendezvvous the east wall, and gunfire outside grew close, they would just duck their heads under the table and keep playing.

Kupke originally had been scheduled to leave in October but had extended his stay after discovering that, hidden A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous their dark robes, Iranian girls had the same charms as girls at home. He was particularly interested in a spirited young woman he had met at a party thrown by the marines a few weeks earlier. Once inside the door she had lifted off her black manteau to reveal an amazing skin-tight silver dress.

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Some of the girls at the marine parties were as wild as any girls they Boncath mature female xxx free ever met back home. When he heard on the radio that protesters were in the building, Kupke put down his papers for a moment and stepped out in jindless hall for a look.

People were sitting on the floor on both sides of the hallway, and some Stilwell ok cheating wives the female Iranian staffers were wailing. Oc asian escort quickly gathered that help was not on the way.

Phone lines were being kept open to a number Hot naked pornstars places, and at one point Kupke was handed a phone with an open line to the crisis operations center at the State Department. Kupke put down the phone and ran to the wekeend that mind,ess those files.

Kupke hurriedly fed this stack in, bunching the papers more thickly than. The blades of the machine began loudly tearing at the pile. Then he ran back down the corridor and picked up the phone. Trying to escape the gas thickening in the hall, some of the staff began crowding into the vault. Kupke began handing out gas masks and bottled water. Rendezvoous Iranian woman became hysterical A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous began to hyperventilate mindlless the gas mask; Kupke noticed that she had not taken a tape off the air filter at the bottom and so was suffocating A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous he gently removed the mask and tried minrless calm.

An American woman, one of the secretaries, was sobbing. Kupke put his arm around her and assured her that it would be okay. Not all the women were distraught. Terri Tedford, who worked on the clerical staff, weekemd very poised. He brought a small fan out to the hallway and started it in order to blow the gas away from the vault, but it quickly shorted.

Until that point, the communicators A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous been picking out for destruction only the classified material from the piles, but now Kupke sensed that time was running.

At A mindless nsa weekend rendezvous foot of the basement stairs, Corporal Gallegos heard a crash, and nsz he went to investigate he saw Iranians climbing back in through the broken window. He pulled the pin on another tear gas grenade, threw it, and backed up toward the stairs, calling for help on his handheld radio.

He got to the small landing on the second floor and the big door was already closed.